Teak Steamer Garden Chair

Teak Steamer Garden Chair
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steamer-chair Teak Steamer Garden Chair

We made this Steamer chair from teak wood with the best quality and can be confirmed strong wood to ensure years of durability. we make this teak chair without using wheels, but you don’t get me wrong, without the wheels it can also look interesting to put in your garden.

Perfect for relaxing by the poolside, this wooden teak steamer chair features a timeless design, which will look great in any garden. Constructed from high quality, Indonesian hardwood which is sustainably sourced, this teak steamer chair is built to last.

With 5cm thick, these pads are very comfortable, and the contrasting edge of the pipe gives them a luxurious look that is usually only given to high-end branded alternatives. The foldable headrest is an acceptable addition, and the angular ties and elastic back strap keep the pads securely attached to the steamer when you enter and exit.

So if you really like our latest seats, please immediately contact us who is already available or you can send messages via our email. And we also provide all of your garden chair needs here, don’t worry about quality because we make it with high quality and safety for you.

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