Teak Garden Bench Banana

Teak Garden Bench Banana
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teak-bench Teak Garden Bench BananaTeak bench is one of the chairs furniture. Yes, teak bench is a chair whit a long model. Usually teak bench is best located in a Garden. This bench can also be located in livingroom and sometimes also used for eating in arestaurant or cafe. Like an Teak Garden Bench Banana which the minimalist and simple model can well suited you get.

teak-bench-garden Teak Garden Bench Banana

Teak bench come from the main material from teak wood which is priceless or expensive. Teak wood is very solid, and this makes it weather resistant. In addition to its sturdyand hardines. Teak Garden Bench Banana made from teak wood really have more advantages than disadvantages. Because it has a very high natural oil content, it can reduce costs and the need for a finishing, varnishing, and sealing on the teak bench. The verages size of a teak bench is 160×45 with a seat height of 45.

With a simple and minimalist model with railing on seat and backrest , this teak bench is suitablefor you to get it and suitable as part of the home garden space. Morever the finising we use is natural paint that show it look beautiful and naturalness of teak wood. Because beautifull wood fibers of teak wood are not covered by thick paint. Find other furniture we produce that has an antique models like a extending table wich can be a partner for a teak bench you have.

Where we can get quality furniture product? here you can get all furniture product that you want. Indonesia Teak furniture provide product that you want. here you can request from a model, size, or color acording to your need. Contact us immediatelly in the number available in a gallery or you can send the picture on wats up number. Happy shopping.


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  • Teak Garden Bench Banana
  • Teak Garden Bench Banana