Teak Garden Bench Backless Curved

Teak Garden Bench Backless Curved
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teak-backless-bench Teak Garden Bench Backless Curved

we made this backless garden bench design with a curved model using raw materials from teak wood with high quality so that it will make a park bench can be very durable against various weather. High quality teak finishing has a more comprehensive impact, especially with curved shapes.

There are many possibilities here. As a purchase, stand alone is very suitable with decorative, curved garden walls around the base of the tree or with a round terrace table, etc. However, with a few purchases you can put four together to make a perfect circle or put two or three end to end to make an attractive contour bench along the curved wall.

We specialize in Teak furniture indoor and outdoor, this is due to a number of unique qualities and the fact that this is solid wood that is easy to care for.
So you don’t need to be afraid if our artificial bench will be quickly damaged, with teak wood which has strong wood fiber that will withstand various weather conditions even if you put it outside. It is naturally strong and resistant to water and decay – making it perfect for outdoor benches that need to last and look good for years to come.

Height: 41cm
Depth: 51cm
Front length 138cm
Back length 209cm

We are here to always adjust all the needs of our loyal customers for garden furniture items and we here serve with a custom system so that you can be more satisfied to enjoy our goods made with your own design.


  • Teak Garden Bench Backless Curved