Teak Fixed Garden Chair Marborough

Teak Fixed Garden Chair Marborough
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Terrace chairs are of course very important in the house, because this patio chair, you can function to relax when you work off. You can also place this patio chair anywhere, because the patio chair has a small size, so you can be easier and also have a place to move it.

teak-fixed-chairs-marborough Teak Fixed Garden Chair Marborough

Usually this type of chair is often placed on the porch of the house and is also not uncommon to put in a garden, with this small model you can easily remove it. made from teak wood choices made by Jepara furniture craftsmen. By using teak wood of the best choice so it is possible to be strong durable so you don’t need to be confused to look for a garden fixed chair again. This raw material made using high-quality teak wood will certainly be very durable and will not be easily damaged even though it is affected by various weather changes, because teak is indeed all wood and for this reason this wood is our superior material

This chair is made with natural finishing colors and is very fitting in combination with such a contemporary and classic minimalist style. Can be added with a variety of dining tables with natural models and box shapes and round shapes. Can fill the restaurant or fill the dining room.

All our teak furniture garden is made using the best choice raw materials with a very careful manufacturing process in order to produce goods with high quality. All our manufactured goods are issued with certification to certify that they have been legally harvested and can be sold in any country.

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