Teak Extending Table Vintage Retro

Teak Extending Table Vintage Retro
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A table with uniqueness is very popular with many people, especially maybe you also like a table with a unique and attractive model. One of them is extending table. Having this extending table will make the atmosphere of the house more different.

extending-table-vintage Teak Extending Table Vintage Retro

We made this new extending table using raw materials of teak wood with wood material that has the quality of No. 1 so that it will be very durable and also resistant to various weather,  with teak wood which has sufficient drought it will also be very durable and able to withstand various weather changes.
In addition to outdoor tables this is also suitable for you to use as a dining table, because the size is very fitting for this dining area will complement your dining room. A teak wood that has very good quality of wood is far different from the quality of other wood, making this wood very much loved by many people

An extending table that has a round model that you can add in the middle to make the table bigger to eat with your extended family, with the manufacturing process done by professional craftsmen, this table will look like what you want

extending-table-vintage. Teak Extending Table Vintage Retro

For that, if you are currently interested in having the latest extending table made by us, please feel free to contact us to order furiture items that you like

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  • Teak Extending Table Vintage Retro
  • Teak Extending Table Vintage Retro