Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture

Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture
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Trembesi table is a table with a fairly large design that is usually made specifically to be used as furniture to complement the houseyou can use this table for your dining room because this table is a indoor furniture . That has great features and is also unique, this table looks unique because it has a large table design without other wood connections so that it has the impression of being intact. And do you know the wood raw material made …?  As the name implies this trembesi table is also made using raw materials from trembesi wood, and do you know what is trembesi wood …?

if you don’t know, see the explanation below.

slab-wood-table Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture

Slab wood or Trembesi wood is one type of wood typical of the tropics, especially Indonesia, which has quite good commercial value on the market. In Indonesia this trembesi wood originates from several islands, namely Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku and Nusa Tenggara, but does not rule out the possibility that wood, also known as suar wood, can be found in areas other than the area mentioned above. Because the distribution of trembesi wood-producing trees is indeed quite fast and can grow anywhere in Indonesia.

In nature, large quantities of trembesi wood are still abundant and often found. Therefore, this wood is widely used by the community (especially the timber industry) as carpentry wood. Namely as a raw material for making furniture replacing teak wood which supplies in nature are decreasing day by day and also the price is very expensive

slab-wood-table-with-resin. Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture

Usually, furniture made from trembesi wood has its own characteristics, which further emphasizes the robustness of the design. That is, furniture from trembesi wood, most of the components are made very thick and maybe nothing is made with a thin size of less than 3 cm. Especially on the top table (table leaves), the thickness of wood commonly used is 4 to 15 cm. It’s really a size that is hard to find on teak wood furniture.

Besides being used for furniture, trembesi wood is also widely used as a raw material in the manufacture of various other high-value products such as making veneers, doors, sculptures, carvings, and various other handicraft products.

slab-wood-dining-table Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture

To find out more, note some of the following characteristics:

The color of the wood surface : the porch is dark (usually dark brown has black stripes) while the porch is white. Like the picture below, between the porch and the part of the porch it really seems clear.

Weight or weight of wood: trembesi wood including heavy wood species, as well as acacia wood or teak wood

From some explanations regarding trembesi wood above, it can be concluded that this unique wood can be used as an alternative to teak wood. by having a thick wood that is quite thick and has a large size it is very possible for you to use it in your room as with the dining room, with a very large table model it will be very enough for you to use as a dining table with your entire extended family.

Slab-wood-dinning-table Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture

Well … here we can make it for you a dining table using raw materials from trembesi wood. we are here to make a trembesi dining table based on the desires of consumers,with the desired dining table model that will make the dining room more attractive because it fits with what is expected.

For the price, here we provide prices that are in accordance with the model and shape, depending on how much it costs to make.

slab-wood-dining-table-with-resin Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture

so … if you are interested now to have a slab wood dining room with the latest design made by us please you can just go to contact us to confirm the order of goods you want.we will always provide the best service to you by always providing the best quality items number 1 for you, whether it’s raw material, color, or the manufacture.


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  • Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture
  • Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture
  • Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture
  • Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture
  • Slab Wood Dining Table Solid Modern Furniture