Outdoor Semi-Circular Teak Bench Garden

Outdoor Semi-Circular Teak Bench Garden
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teak-wooden-bench Outdoor Semi-Circular Teak Bench Garden

Teak bench is one of the chair furniture. Yes, the teak bench is a chair with a long model. Usually teak benches are best located in the Park. This bench can also be located in the living room and sometimes also used to eat together in the garden . Like antique teak railing bench with minimalist and simple models you can customize.

Different fron usual bench, this is the latest model of the exchange on our bench that is made form by having a half-circle  with a model that resembles the letter “C”. It is very interesting if you place this teak garden furniture in your garden.  we make this garden bench using raw materials from teak wood with wood that has fibers that are so strong that it is very well suited to be made as raw material for making furniture items such as a garden benches. with this circular bench model you can put several people to sit and enjoy the atmosphere in your garden. What’s more, if you invite the best people you have to invite to relax on this new park bench.By using natural wood finishing colors or walnut colors, this park bench looks very attractive and also looks unique with a color model that is very compatible with the raw material model.

Very interesting isn’t it? For this reason, if you are interested in having the latest unique garden bench from us, please go straight to contact the contact that we have provided for confirmation of purchase and also for other info about furniture garden items. Here we always use raw materials with the best quality so that we will make our goods more durable and can last for a long time.



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