Fixed Chair Banana Rounded Teak Wood

Fixed Chair Banana Rounded Teak Wood
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fixed-chair Fixed Chair Banana Rounded Teak Wood

this one garden chair is almost the same model with a patio chair, or even the same between the two especially in the home garden. In the home garden we also need garden furniture items such as Fixed Chair Banana Rounded Teak Wood our chairs are designed to have a minimalist shape with a very unique model that is with a backrest that has a half circumference with a slightly large size so we here call it a banana chair . Usually this type of chair is often placed on the porch of the house and is also not uncommon to put in a garden, with this small model you can easily remove it.

made from teak wood choices made by Jepara furniture craftsmen. By using teak wood of the best choice so it is possible to be strong durable so you don’t need to be confused to look for a garden chair again.

The porch of your house looks attractive, don’t just rely on and see the beauty of it, but you also need quality and quantity of goods. So that besides attracting the item it will also be worth more if the quality is good. Because the model is minimalist or small so you can use it as indor or outdoor furniture.
Especially by using the natural wood color model or walnut color, with colors that are very suitable with the teak wood model so that it will make it feel more suitable, here we also use the best finishing standard chart so that it will be very safe for you to use on a daily basis

if you are interested please just contact us or you can use the email that we have provided. Thanks.


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